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Examples / Types of Websites

Here are two websites that I made - one very simple and one very dynamic!

I got a call one day from a guy that owns a self storage company in Florida saying he needed a website. I said okay, and I made him one. His only involvement in the website process was to give me the specific information about his business that I asked for to use as his website's content. With his website he had the ability to change prices and availability of his storage units with just a few clicks. He could make coupons in just a couple of minutes that were instantly displayed on his website that people could print out and bring in for special savings. His website had a contact form so that people could ask him questions without him having to expose his email address on the web. Within just a few weeks of going live with his website, it dominated on all the search engines in his area. It commanded the #1 position in organic search results on all the search engines and still does today.

As his needs grew so did his website. After a while he called me and said he needed a way for people to put in a reservation request for a storage unit, so I made one. Some time later he wanted his renters to be able to pay their storage rent online, so I made a payment program for his website. Many people have reserved units through his website and he has collected many thousands of dollars in rent through his website. His website has been actively working to make him lots of's very dynamic!

Many years ago I made a website for a guy in Florida that owned a monument company. He was a simple, honest man that worked very hard. I made him a simple, honest website and it has dominated the #1 position on all the search engines since the time I went live with it. He too, has made many, many thousands of dollars from that simple little website. People from all over the country with loved ones who had passed away that lived in the area, contacted him through his website requesting a monument to be made and installed on their loved ones grave.

Do a search for a monument co in Gainesville FL and see if OT Davis Monument Co. doesn't come up in the #1 position in the organic (free) search results. Search for a self storage co. or facility in North FL or in Williston, FL and see if North Florida MIni Storage ( doesn't come up in the #1 position of the organic search results.

These are just two websites that represents a classic simple informational website and a more involved dynamic website. Which would be better for you will depend on your business and your needs. I will be glad to help you choose the type that will be right for your business.