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Examples / Types of Websites

Here are two websites that I made that represents a "static" website and a "dynamic" website!

Dynamic Website

The first is a dynamic website for a mini-storage business in Florida. The website uses databases to store information and the owner can easily manage important aspects of the website from a secure admin area.

  • They can manage the availability and price of their storage units.
  • They can create coupons for people to print and bring in for special savings.
  • They can manage monthly rent payments.
  • They can manage the information submitted through the contact and reservations page.

Their website ( is an important part of their business. It ranks on the first page of search results for their area and has brought them many customers over the years.

Static Website

Many years ago I made a website for a monument company in Gainesville Florida. It was a very simple 4 page informational website. I even hosted it as a sub-domain on my account, and it has been at the top of the organic (free) search results since the time it went live.

This small simple website has helped bring in a lot of business because it is an honest representation of the owner. To this day he still gets several contacts a week from people all over the country requesting a monument or monument services for loved ones in the Gainesville area who has passed away.

Do a search for a monument co in Gainesville FL and see if OT Davis Monument Co. doesn't come up at the top of the first page in the organic (free) search results.

These are just two of the websites I've made that represents a simple static website and a dynamic website. I can help you decide which would be best for your business.