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The first thing a person will do when they need a certain product or service is to go online and search for it. If your business doesn't have a website you're losing business to competitors that do. A good website is crucial for the success of your business.

If you have a website that is slow you're also losing business. People don't like waiting on slow websites and they don't like not being able to find the information they need.

Hello. I'm David Pritchett, a web programmer, developer and designer and I've been making custom business websites since 1996. Over the years I've seen a lot of website fads come and go, but my designs stand the test of time. There are websites that I've made many years ago that are still making money for its owner.

My Website Philosophy

Different types of businesses will require different types of websites. An entertainment business would probably need a more entertaining website, one that's flashy and has more technology features. But when it comes to the average small business, what visitors generally want is a nice looking website that's fast and has good information that is easy to find and read. The latter type is the kind of websites that I make.

My web design philosophy is this, a good business website should be designed for those who will be using it. When I'm researching a client's business to make their website, I try to approach it from a visitor's perspective. What is important to them? By indentifying and answering that, a website will be able to do a better job of converting visitors into customers.

What do I need?

If you're like most people you may be unsure of what all you'll need to get a website up and running.
Well don't worry because I can help you with everything you'll need!

  • Web hosting.
    • I can recommend a web hosting company and hosting plan that will be perfect for your website.
  • A domain name.
    • I can help you choose a domain name (will be your web address)
  • A website.
    • I can custom make a website for your business.
  • Copy writing.
    • I can help write the copy (content) for your website. It's important that website information is written and displayed a certain way.
  • Special web application / programming.
    • I can write special applications that can enhance your website's functionality and your visitor's experience.
  • Databases
    • Create databases so you can manage certain information on your website.
  • Website maintenance and updating.
    • I can provide maintenance for your website and update it with new information when needed.

So, how much will it cost?
  • A good web hosting plan will cost about $150 to $200 a year.
  • A domain name will run about $20 a year.
  • The cost of the website itself will depend on your specific business needs. I've made websites for as little as $500 and websites that were well over $10,000. But, it'll cost you nothing to find out how much your website would cost!

And there will be other things to consider such as:

  • An SSL Certificate to secure your site - $60 to $100 a year. The little green lock in the address bar. Helps with search results. Will secure your website by encrypting any sensitive data that may be transmitted over the Internet.
  • Domain Privacy to keep spammers from learning your personal information - $25 to $50 a year.
  • Site scanner - $25 to $60 a year. Scans your website for malware.

Many things go into making a "good" website. It's not just the things you can see on the outside, but the things that you can't see. Search engines view websites differently than people, and certain things must be done to make your website search engine "friendly". A good website is one that can show up on the first couple of pages of a search and can convert visitors into customers.

Simple and Honest Websites!

By simple I mean simple to use, read and navigate. By honest I mean not making the client's business appear to be something that it isn't or more than what it is.

Here's an example.

A small auto repair facility in Wetumpka had a website that made them appear to be a state of the art facility, complete with technicians in white lab coats. When people arrived at the shop they found it much different than what they were led to believe. The building was old and not new, the equipment was old and dirty not new and shiny, the men looked like mechanics not technicians.

There is no need to fool or trick people into doing business with you...unless there is a reason. I'm sure that this may have gone through some people's mind when they arrived at the shop and found something very different than was advertised. And there's no doubt that some turned around and left.

"Once bitten twice shy", and that's what happened to the owner of this repair shop. He no longer has a website and doesn't want one. And it's a shame too, because a good website will help get more business - if it's done right.

I've had work done at this repair shop many times. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and their prices are more than fair. These qualities are what I would have emphasised had I made their website, instead of creating a dishonest image.

I have websites located throughout the Southeast and Midwest - Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Ohio. I'm located in the Montgomery, Prattville and Wetumpka Alabama area, but I can make a website for anyone - anywhere. However, if you're located in the Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook and Wetumpka AL area, I can visit your business in person, learn more about it and how to best present it online.



Hey Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook and Wetumpka business owners...let me help you grow your business with a custom designed website!


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David Pritchett

Services Include:

- Web Design & Development
- Copy Writing
- Web Programming
- Databases
- Domain Name
- Web Hosting
- Website Maintenance & Updating

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