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A good website is crucial for the success of your business. Today, the first thing people do when they need a specific product or service is to do an online search for it. If they can't find you online they'll find your competitor instead. If they do find you, but your website is slow, ugly or difficult to use, they will leave and go to a competitor's site. Either way you lost a potential customer.

I can help prevent this from happening to you. I make custom professional websites for local small business owners in the Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook and Wetumpka Alabama area.

I make websites from scratch - just the way your mom use to! I handwrite all the code that makes the website. The advantage of this is that your website is made to fit your business and not the other way around. It makes for a more professional site and one that is fast, easy to use and will convert more visitors into customers.

To me, my job goes beyond just making you a design and then saying, "Here it is, now just put your information on it and see what happens". A good design is important, but that's only half of the ingredient of a good website. The other half is the information that's on it. And this is what separates me from other web designers.

On nearly all the websites I have made I was also responsible for the content of the website, that is...the information that's found on it. I help create the content by doing research on my client's particular line of work and by asking them questions about their business that a visitor or potential customer might ask or wonder about. This helps me to create a website for my clients that is more in line with what their visitors will want. This is key, because if visitors don't like your site they'll leave and go to one of your competitors. And even if your competitor's site isn't as good as yours, they'll do business with them - because they're there, so why not?

So when I say I make websites, I mean the whole enchilada. I can even help you decide on a domain name, hosting service and I can maintain it for you if you'd like.

Simple and Honest Websites!

I made my first business website in 1996 and I've made many more since then, but I've remained consistent in making simple and honest websites. By simple I mean simple to use, read and navigate. By honest I mean not making the client's business appear to be more than what it is.

Here's an example.

A small auto repair facility in Wetumpka had a website that made their repair shop appear to be a state of the art facility, complete with technicians in white lab coats. The website failed because it was dishonest. When people arrived at the shop the reality was very different than what they were led to believe.

That was a shame too, because I knew the repair shop and have used them on many occasions. It was located in an old building, the equipment was old and had seen many years of use, and the mechanics looked like mechanics and not "technicians". But they were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and their prices more than fair and competitive. Had I made their website I would have put the emphasis on these attributes instead of creating a false image.



Hey Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook and Wetumpka business owners...let me help you grow your business with a custom designed website!


Montgomery Area Web Designer

Montgomery Area Web Designer
David Pritchett

I make websites for local small businesses.

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