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Web Hosting

Every website is located on a harddrive in a computer that has emergency power backup and a high-speed Internet connection. This is called "Web Hosting".

Web hosting companies have racks of powerful computers or servers as they are called, each containing several harddrives housing dozens, hundreds or thousands of websites each.

These web hosting companies rent space on their servers to people to house their websites. People can choose either a Windows or Linux platform for their website. Linux platforms are the most common, most versatile and the least expensive of the two. I use Linux with all my websites.

Web hosting companies will have a control panel where each person can setup and manage their website. There is much more to setting up a website so that it will perform its best than just uploading it. Many of these settings are technical so the average user will probably not know how to do them.

There is a lot more to developing a successful website than most people know. This is why so many websites made by do-it-yourselfers and inexperienced and unknowledgeable web designers never produce positive results.

Which web hosting company you use can affect your search ranking. Cheap and popular hosting companies tend to attract a large number of bad people with bad websites. Search engines will often block all websites originating from a source with known bad sites. Just as your business website will develop an online reputation (good or bad) so do hosting companies.

Most web professionals prefer doing business with a particular hosting company because they trust them and are familiar with their system. This allows them to setup a website quickly and correctly.

Most web hosting companies will allow you to register a domain name through them. This is best as it saves time and trouble and possibly money by not having to transfer the domain name registrar later. This is one of the reasons why I suggest that people do not get a domain name ahead of time.

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