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Website Tracking

Many web design companies have a list of features that they provide their clients and one is tracking website performance or website statistics for their clients. This feature shows you how many visitors you had, what time they came, where they came from, how long they stayed, which pages they viewed the most/least and what the visitor had for breakfast that morning.

This website visitor tracking is done using the free "Google Analytic" service. A piece of code is inserted on every web page that is to be tracked and a visitor's every move is collected by Google.

I don't use or recommend this feature to my clients because the information you get really isn't worth the performance hit your website takes because of it. Google Analytics slows your website down and the few seconds it robs your website from displaying can cause you to lose visitors.

People have little patience today and with more and more businesses getting on the web, people aren't going to wait for a slow website to display. They'll leave and go to another website and losing a visitor is losing a potential customer.

And what would you do with the information that Google provides? If your business is a fortune 500 business and you expect your website to get hundreds of thousands of visitors a day then that would be different. But if you're on my website then I'm guessing that this is not the case for you. So, don't let a local web designer try to fool you into thinking that they're big time because they offer this free, useless and website performance degrading feature.

All you need to get visitors and potential customers is a good, honest website that can rank well in local searches. I can do this for you. Please contact me today and lets get started on your website!

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