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Search Engines

In order for a website to be fully effective it must be able to be found in a local search for the product you sell or for the service you provide.

Visitors may come to your website by typing your web address directly into their browser window. This is why it's a good idea to put your website address on your business cards, brochures and on every form of advertising. You should promote your website every way you can. But you'll still need people coming to your website that haven't seen your web address or have heard of you, which leads us to search engines.

The major search engines are Bing, Yahoo, Google and a good but lesser known search engine - DuckDuckGo. There are others but these are the most used.

Search engines have a formula for "ranking" websites, which determines the order by which they are listed in a search return. The highest ranking website will be at the top of the first page in the organic or free search results section. The free ads are in between the paid ads that are located on the top and bottom of the page.

Websites near the top of the free ads section on the first page will get more clicks/visitors. More visitors mean more opportunity for more customers. This is why getting a good search ranking is important.

Search engines don't release their search ranking formula, but we do know they look for well written code and good information. My client websites have always done well with search engines.

Do a search on any subject and you'll probably get a few thousand results, but only the websites on the first two or three pages will stand a chance of being found and seen. That's a very small percentage of the total number of sites returned. I can help your website be included in that small percentage of websites that can get found.

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