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Web Application Programming

Web application programs give websites more functionality and increases the user experience.

I had a client that wanted to display coupons on their website that people could print out and bring into the store for special savings. I wrote a custom program that allowed them to make and display as many coupons as they would like and each one could be different. They could create, edit, delete, hide/show coupons in real time from their admin panel and the coupons would be immediately available on the website.

Another client had a table listing the prices and availability of storage unit sizes on their website. They needed the ability to change the price or availability of a unit when necessary, so I custom wrote a program that allowed them to do this from their admin panel. Whenever they updated a unit price or availability the change was immediately displayed on the web page. This saved them the trouble of waiting on me to do it for them and having to pay me each time. Instead they could do it themselves at their convenience.

In each case the custom program I wrote for my clients increased the functionality of their website. One client was able to create an incentive for people to come into her store and save money to boot, and another client was able to provide their visitors with up-to-date information. These programs benefited both the business owner and their visitors.

Another common example is a contact form that allows visitors to provide feedback to the business owner or to ask a question. While a contact form may not fall under the category of web programming, how that information is processed could. Many contact forms simply take the visitor's comment or question and emails it to the site owner. Emails however, can and often get lost en route to its destination. A contact form with special programming can email the message AND store it in a database where the site owner can read and delete it at any time from their admin panel. No more missed or lost messages.

Web application programming often involves the use of databases to manage web information. Specially written code is required to insert, edit, display or delete that information. Setting up databases and writing the code to manage the information in databases is what a web programmer does.

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