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Web Maintenance and Web Updating

Web Maintenance

I don't charge a monthly maintenance fee. I charge a yearly fee to maintain the website and ensure everything stays in good working order. This also includes making updates to the code when necessary to keep up with certain industry demands.

My yearly maintenance program is optional and the price depends on the complexity of the site, but for an average website my fee is $240 a year. I like to keep things simple so my maintenance fees are due the first month of the physical year.

If I make a website for a client and they want me to maintain it, I will pro-rate the maintenance fee for the rest of that year beginning with the next new month and add it to the cost of the web design.

If the client wishes to cancel the web maintenance all the have to do is tell me and don't pay the next year's fee.

Web Updating

I perform website updates on an "as needed" basis. This would include:

  • Adding new information to the website which could include a new web page.
  • Editing existing information.
  • Deleting outdated information.

My web updating fee depends on the job, but at a minimum I charge $35 an occurrence. Adding a new web page would incur a fee of $150, which would include the information.

I do not require a contract for either the web maintenance or the web updating.

Contact Me Today and I'll make you a custom website that I will maintain to keep it running smoothly and update it when necessary to keep the information fresh!

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