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Web Design Information


Successful Websites
There are many facets to a successful website, but at the very least the website must have a good design and the code must be well written. It must also contain good information. These basic ingredients will help it to get picked up by search engines.

A successful website must be as lightweight as possible. Anything that isn't absolutely necessary in getting your message out shouldn't be used. If videos aren't absolutely necessary then leave them off. If you don't need a massive blogging program to tell people about your product or service, then you don't need to use Wordpress as your business website. Remember, your website isn't for "you", it's for your visitors / potential customers.

The smaller the file size of your website and the less junk that's on it means it'll be faster and use less data, which will be winners with search engines and visitors.

Everyone doesn't have fast Internet and many people today have limited data plans so they're watchful of how much data they're using. You'll have a much happier visitor if your website is data friendly and fast. And a happy visitor is more likely to become a customer than an unhappy one.


Website Promotion
You should actively promote your website by including your website address in every advertising you do and put it on every company document you have to include business cards, invoicing, sales receipts, etc. and on your company vehicles if applicable.


Website Maintenance
A website has to be maintained and the code updated periodically to keep it working properly. You will need a "Webmaster" to provide this service. I am the Webmaster for most of the websites I have made. Whether you need monthly or periodic maintenance service will depend on the type of website you have.


Types of Websites
There are two basic types of websites - "Static" and "Dynamic".

  • Static websites are the most common. The Information is written directly onto the web pages and it isn't changed very often. Static websites require only periodic maintenance.

  • Dynamic websites store some or all of the information found on a website in a database. Special code written onto a web page will either insert information into the database by using a form like that on a contact page, or it pulls information out of the database for display. Dynamic websites require regular maintenance due to the complex code and databases.

You can read more about Dynamic and Static Websites here.


Custom Programming
I can write custom programs for your website. This could be something as simple as making a contact form for your website and having the submitted information sent to your email and/or inserted into a database. You can read, edit or delete these messages from your database via a protected admin area on your website.

You may want to be able to manage certain information on your website. I can create a protected admin area on your website where you can add, edit or delete this information, and I can write the script to display this information anywhere on your website.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting and Domain Name
Every website requires "Web Hosting" service. This is space on a computer located in a facility that has an ultra high speed Internet connection, redundant power backups and the necessary software to reliably deliver your website to the viewing public.

Web designers usually have a web hosting company that they like working with and they can best advise you which plan would be better for your needs.

You will also need a "Domain Name" for your website. This is the "" that you're probably already familiar with. You should wait and get a domain name after you hire someone to make your website and let them help you. Many web hosting companies allow domain names to be registered through them, which saves the trouble of transferring it later.


Content Writing
Sometimes it's easier for business owners to tell people about their business than it is for them to write about it. And some find it difficult deciding what information to put on their website. Well, I can help with this.

I've helped many of my clients with writing the content to put on their website. This is actually a plus, because I approach it from the customer's point of view. I may ask some of the same questions about your business that a visitor might have and this will help the website to better satisfy most visitor needs.


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